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Xenoblade Chronicles Review - Is this the true Monado?

Xenoblade Chronicles – Wii, *new* 3DS (reviewed)
Developed by Monolithsoft, Published by Nintendo
April 10, 2015 (*new* 3DS version) – 39.99
Bring a massive adventure with you on the go. 2.974 palabras más

Fatal Frame 4 / Zero: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

I am utter crap at playing games in a timely fashion, and also pretty terrible at playing series in order.

Case in point: The Fatal Frame / Zero series.  796 palabras más


A Link through Worlds

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live te life of your dreams.”


I know I’m really late on this, but I finally decided to sit down and play Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess for Nintendo Wii. 186 palabras más


May 21, 2015 - I am freezing - what is the date?

This morning it was lovely outside but I figured it would be nicer in the afternoon so I decided to finish cleaning the school house for the big event this weekend.  883 palabras más


[NEW] God of War 3 Remastered Footage

In beautiful 60FPS 1080p, watch Kratos battle the Lord of the Underworld in one of the most menacing, brutal boss encounters in God of War 3 Remastered, coming to PlayStation 4 this July 14, 2015. 74 palabras más

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Fifa 15

FIFA 15 es un videojuego de fútbol desarrollado por EA Canada y publicado, por EA Sports. Es el 22.º de la serie y salió a la venta el 23 de septiembre en América del Norte y el 25 de septiembre en Europa para Windows y consolas de la séptima generación Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 y Wii; y de octava generación PlayStation 4, Xbox One.