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Let's Play Metroid Prime Trilogy! Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Part 2

Only took me two weeks to get back to this series. It probably wasn’t helped by the fact that I had an anniversary special, and a review to finish up. 28 palabras más

The Rabbit: Is the hardcore gamer being forgotten in favour of 'gimmicks'?

In order to bring my back catalogue of writing to a new audience, I will be re-uploading some articles from my time as Deputy Features Editor and Features writer for The Rabbit (the University of Essex student newspaper), starting with my very first article! 815 palabras más


Is Mario Kart 8 really better than Mario Kart Wii?

In short, yes. But upon closer inspection, not even close.

I should clarify a few details before I begin to make outrageous claims about a game I truly love. 538 palabras más

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Another record!

I posted last week about a new record for likes.

I am shocked to report that that record, 66 likes, was shattered yesterday, setting a new record of 103 likes! 222 palabras más


ONM: My Favourite Game - "Sonic Colours blew me away"

Back in 2011, when the Official Nintendo Magazine was still alive and well (rest in peace, old friend!), I contributed a short article to their online “My Favourite Game” feature which invited readers to write about a game which had left a highly positive impression on them. 525 palabras más


Resident Evil 4 Now Available On Wii U

Arguably the best version of arguably the best Resident Evil is now available on Wii U, courtesy of Nintendo’s eShop. 33 palabras más


Wii Balance board

Introduced on July 11, 2007 at 3E the Wii balance board was a direct response to kids getting fat playing console games

The Wii Balance Board is shaped like a standard bathroom scale, with a plain white top and light grey bottom or totally black for the Wii black version. 337 palabras más