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Calvin Tucker's Redneck Farm Animal Racing Tournament Stats and Records

There are none! Sorry folks, looking at a blank page is no fun, but I still have to upload the stats even if there aren’t any this time. 11 palabras más

Game Records

Barrie Game Exchange

Yesterday my wife and I went to the Barrie Game Exchange which is about an hour north of Toronto.  Perhaps I should clarify.  I went to the Barrie Game Exchange while my wife waited in the car (like most wives, she isn’t into games).   976 palabras más

Destiny rumored to be released on Wii U in the coming future

Reddit user ThankUkarmagain has posted a screenshot of his Destiny game showing proof that Destiny might in-fact be coming to Wii U in the coming future. 79 palabras más


Opinion: Nintendo And Their Odd E3 Plans

Nintendo, I love you guys, but man have you been frustrating me a bit lately. Let me explain…

I grew up with Nintendo being the major and really only gaming presence in my life. 924 palabras más


Tennis Game Review Set

The wonder of Wimbledon is here! Get into the swing of things with these two tennis games that offer fun learning opportunities and “service with a smile” thanks to affordable prices below $20. 409 palabras más

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