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The Next Kanye West Album May Have Songs That Are Named After Wii Games

Producer Pete Rock, who is helping with Kanye West on his next album, has been posting Instagram pictures with various teasers from the studio. Among the pictures was a list that, when zoomed in, seems to be… 76 palabras más


Shattered Memories Scattered Thoughts, Pt 1

Ian here—

It is 2016. Sam Barlow is widely appreciated today for revitalizing the full-motion video adventure game with HER STORY (2015). Why, then, return to  4.141 palabras más

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Will We Ever Get HD Wii Games?

In a generation dominated by remakes and remasters, Nintendo remains oddly abstained. Will we, and more importantly, can we, ever see Wii games remastered?

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Nintendo doom-mongers beware

August 2011

 Recently, an anonymous publishing exec declared publically that 3DS is “definitely dead” unless Nintendo generates good sales this Christmas. The surprising finality of this proclamation, even allowing for the ‘unless’ parachute clause, is by no means singular. 733 palabras más


The Generation Game

May 2010

A number of industry figures have expressed their belief that the games industry will not see another major new generation of consoles. Their hypothesis is that the future of console hardware lies in steady evolutionary footsteps and increasingly open platforms rather than the large-scale proprietary technological leaps that have periodically punctuated the last 30 years. 870 palabras más


Climate Change: Games hardware cycles to be disrupted by the new mass market consoles

August 2007

In an industry where change is continual, there has been one constant for decades – new generations of console arriving every 5-6 years, stimulating waves of investment and innovation. 675 palabras más


The Nintendo Method: Nintendo's unparalleled profitability

January 2007

“Innovative but highly risky” or perhaps “doomed to third place” – these seem to reflect the consensus amongst observers of Nintendo’s strategy in recent years and months. 643 palabras más