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Tournament of Legends (Wii, 2010)

I really wanted to like this game and after adjusting the options within the game, I almost did.  I found I could turn off the timer and the breaks in action that included a moronic “mini game.”  The reviews on this game, I’m sure, are mostly poor or it wouldn’t have cost only $3, but I mostly bother with reviews on expensive games.   231 palabras más


Just Dance 2016

We all love games in some shape and form. And probably nobody could resist but danced to a tune at some occasion. This is just perfect- the combination of dance and game while, at it, your friends can also lose the last 5-10 pounds that they meant to do since you’ve known them. 43 palabras más


What's left to say about Xenoblade Chronicles other than play it?

It happens every now and again. I sit down to write about a particular game, and with the blank page in front of me, I can’t think of a single damn word to say. 990 palabras más

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Napping Causes Rambling

I had a good nap today.  It’s rare for me to nap, but I needed it.  Prior to laying down, I was sitting on my sofa, rocking, and my cat came and sat on my lap.   3.085 palabras más


Youtube Time: The Duck Plays: Rayman Origins-Crazy Bouncing (Time Trial)

In today’s newest installment of Rayman Origins, I get the Time Trial in Crazy Bouncing, though it gave me no shortage of trouble.  Those darn spiky birds are an absolute menace, I say! 8 palabras más


Black Lives Matter Game For Wii Out Just in Time For Christmas

(The Barbed Wire) – What do you get that little activist who has everything? This year you can give the gift of protesting to help that teenage punk hone his or her protesting skills so they’ll be ready to waste your money when they go off to college and spend more time whining than studying. 380 palabras más


Rodea the Sky Soldier - Unboxing Video

Rodea’s limited edition box’s cover on Wii U is reversible: one side for Wii U and the other side for the included Wii version. 

At… 49 palabras más

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