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After donating Wii, boy plays video games with Wausau police, and gets his OWN Xbox 360!

WAUSAU — A little boy with a big heart had a blast playing some Wii games with the men in blue in Wausau on Monday, March 27th. 298 palabras más


How we get to 'Simple'

Time to read: 3 mins


We all know when we have experienced something that is simple.  Being fan of video games, the best example that best resonates with me is that of the Nintendo Wii. 634 palabras más


From the Archives: Pandora's Tower, and Why You Should Care

Of the three “Operation Rainfall” Wii RPGs that an Internet pressure group (now turned full-on news and reviews site and beloved friend of MoeGamer) helped bring to Europe and North America, the title that seems to get least attention is Ganbarion’s  1.250 palabras más


Legend of Zelda Retrospective - Console

I’ve played and finished the majority of Legend of Zelda games except the two NES ones, Four Swords GBA, Tri Force Heroes and Breath of the Wild, and decided to write a retrospective, before I reveal my favourite (and least favourite) Zelda games. 1.276 palabras más


My Favourite Lesser Known Video Games (Nintendo Edition)

Been contemplating a number of different topics to write about next and finally settled on to this one.  The internet is full of lists, and while I find the concept rather trite, I do think it can provide you with some insight about a person.   897 palabras más


Dokapon Kingdom Weeks 11-20

Weeks 1-10 | 11-20

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Week 11: The King of Town gets hungry while Princess Penny’s dog is dying from the plague. 236 palabras más