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New Releases: September 2015

September brings us only a few releases in the video game world, but it does also bring some of the most highly anticipated video games of the year. 574 palabras más


Two Zeldas! (二のゼルダ!)

Honnichiwa, tomodachi-san.

I’m getting a hefty addition to my Zelda collection. I tell you, when you hunt for bargagains, bargagains will find you.

Okay, so first of all, I have to brag here. 356 palabras más


Arduino / Teensy Prototyping Workshop

Prototyping isn’t only the best way to test & develop new ideas, it’s also fun and a great source for inspiration. Therefor I started sharing my Arduino and Teensy skills and offer workshops regularly. 75 palabras más


The Amazon Fire TV - Good for Prime customers, Bad Execution

To make a long story short, my family recently got an Amazon Fire TV. It solved a problem plagued by many families for many years. Requiring Xbox Live to use Netflix. 388 palabras más


Blaugust is Over. Let's Talk About it Later.

Blaugust Day 31

The last day of Blaugust is upon us. I am not sure if August went by so fast because of Blaugust, but this month has flown by. 523 palabras más


Youtube Time: The Duck Plays: Fragile Dreams-Part 3

How do, everyone!  For this week’s video, I will be sharing with you part 3 of my gameplay for Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon.  48 palabras más


Just Dance Kids - An Unsolicited Review by a Non-Gamer

Bumbi’s new favorite thing to do is have dance parties at home with our Wii using Just Dance Kids.

Now I should start by saying I am not a gamer unless still playing… 654 palabras más