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No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Review

Its vibrant and unique personality transcends its limited gameplay and powers the game onto greatness

In a way, designing a game, like building pretty much anything from the ground up, comes down to doing a lot of little things right – or wrong – and then finding a way to integrate them nicely – or poorly – to form a single glorious – or disastrous – package. 1.288 palabras más


REVIEW: Bonsai Barber [C]

Wii (WiiWare), 2009 by Zoonami.

It would be easy to dismiss Bonsai Barber as a glorified Mario Party mini-game, but this self-styled ‘first person groomer’, where you must provide haircuts for a cute and colourful crop of fruit and veg locals, unveils its layers as you continue to play. 656 palabras más


FEATURE: Remembering WiiWare

At the end of this month, Nintendo will end the ability to buy and add credit to your account on the Wii Shop Channel on Wii, paving the way for its complete shut down next year. 266 palabras más


Nintendo's latest update highlights what the Switch is missing


Nintendo today announced an update to the Switch, with the portable console adding support for social media friendships. Unfortunately, it feels like a blatant reminder of the features the console is missing. 311 palabras más



It was great to have 3 kids again this weekend.

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Télécharger Aug 22, 2012 salut donc je vous pressente comment avoir de jeux de wii gratuitement!!!!! Jun 07, 2014 Lien freewiiugamesiso/ freewiiugamesiso Euro Truck Simulator 2 est une chose rare, une forte simulation attachée à un jeu fort. 225 palabras más