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Public Transportation and WII.

I wasn’t sure I would be able to top yesterdays adventure of painting but I was wrong.  Today I got to ride on public transportation or as its termed ‘The T’.   324 palabras más

Dine With Me

Video games by their very nature scream to be looked at. They are visual feasts, much like the paintings of old. Enjoy as I take you on a journey into the world of video games and discover… A Legitimate Art Form.


Ranking Series: The Forgotten Multiplayer List

The Ranking Series Rolls on.  KJ lists 5 games that had a solid multiplayer component, but may have been overlooked for various reasons.


Happy 1st August!

I decided to order Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation yesterday so I am really looking forward to it arriving. Has anyone tried it or currently use it? 289 palabras más


Klonoa Review

With a unique progression and spectacular stages, Klonoa is yet another glorious sidescroller to grace the Nintendo Wii

Cuddly characters that could star on any Saturday morning cartoon, ridiculously silly plots that are there to just serve as an excuse to do some jumping around and enemy-whacking, and stages that are so bright and colorful that young children can only look at them through prescription sunglasses: platformers are gaming’s sacred Wonderland. 995 palabras más


The Redemption of Dr. Mario

Much like a real physician, I’ve had an aversion towards the fictional Dr. Mario as well. This is for totally unrelated reasons obviously, but the root issue is the same: I don’t feel comfortable around either of them. 1.171 palabras más