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Imagine the Lift, Do the Lift

In preparing for the changes in this coming week’s weight training, I’ve been using a lot of imagination. Well, let me start at the beginning. 1.589 palabras más


The Marvel Tournament: Round 2

Voting for Round 2 of the Marvel Movie Tournament is now open! The updated bracket and poll are below.

Round 1 saw all of the favorites advance with the exception of one minor upset: #4  402 palabras más


Throwback Thursday - Essential Wolverine Vol. 2

First Published: March 1997

Contents: Wolverine #24 (May 1990) to #47 (October 1991)

Key Creator Credits: Larry Hama, Marc Silvestri, John Buscema, Peter David, Jo Duffy, and others… 477 palabras más


The Avengers, Slut Shaming, and the Comic World.

If you’ve ever seen a superhero movie or a comic book, you know they’re pretty much both boy’s clubs. Most of the women are in skimpy little outfits (cleavage galore) and are either sidekicks, femme fatales, or damsels in distress. 320 palabras más

Gay subtext in films from the 60s and 70s, and what that has to do with the new X-Men franchise.

(All the paragraphs in quotes- unless stated otherwise- are taken from the Wikipedia page History of Homosexuality in American Film. There are *several* sources to pull from regarding homosexual subtext, but I’m not writing a senior thesis here, so I used only this source for this post. 2.118 palabras más