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Bears v Crabs Rematch

That didn’t happen. Not enough PAX today to field even one team, but 8 men did show up for what was arguably the best work out of the day. 271 palabras más


(Massive Spoilers) Revived Character Planned for Marvel Legacy Revealed

A few months ago Marvel announced Marvel Legacy, another line-wide reestablishment of their catalog. This is one of many relaunches in the last several years starting “Marvel NOW!” in 2012, “All New All Different Marvel” in 2015, and “Marvel NOW! 367 palabras más


Episode 37 - Ultimate Mutant Skype

Welcome to our podcast covering the history of Marvel’s Ultimate line of comics.

In the thirty-seventh episode of Ultimate Losers, the X-men help Wolverine take on the mysterious Tara and her paramilitary group “Diaper Force.” 61 palabras más


The X-Women: Storm and Jean Grey

It is fairly easy to read an X-Men comic and become overwhelmed with the influx of characters introduced from panel-to-panel. In The Uncanny X-Men, it seems like the story somehow revolves around Ororo/Storm and in later issues it shifts to Jean Grey/Phoenix. 577 palabras más

प्रतीक्षा मृत्यूची

लोगनच्या शेवटी मी नव्हतो रडलो कारण मला तो शेवट अपेक्षितचं होता. मनाची तयारी करून गेलो होतो मी. पण सिनेम्यात बरेच असे दृश्य होते जिथे माझे डोळे पाणावले होते.

Articles (Marathi)

Serpent Society

You know there is a tons of snake based villains in Marvel Comics. Some one at Marvel must have thought it would a good idea if they all team up. 1.153 palabras más

Near Complete Set

Metal Gear similarities: X-men Part II: The Best they are at what they do

*Spoilers* for Logan and the Metal Gear games follow.

X-man. Avenger. Ronin. Hero. But also, the result of a government testing program to weaponize mutants-“Weapon X”, which left him with years of traumatic and confused memories. 683 palabras más