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My inner geek just exploded in on itself! How do people block this stuff out?! There must be a program or some sort of devil magic that makes this possible and I’m going to learn it’s secrets. 15 palabras más

Geek Family Tree Infographics

Who is related to whom?  Read on for other family trees!

General Geekery

Super Bug Squad!

The signature ‘toon’ of Word Art Custom Designs, The Hug Bug! Not strictly a Word Art at all but totally adorable and adaptable!

The Super Bug Squad! 10 palabras más

Deadpool Trailer Is Coming Tomorrow! I Know Because Today's Deadpool Trailer Told Me!

You may have already seen the leaked Deadpool footage from San Diego Comic Con, but unlike Suicide Squad and others, it still has yet to be officially released.   22 palabras más

Movies & TV

What Do All Those Stitches On A Sewing Machine Do?

Hell if I know.

I mean, seriously.  Most of the time, I use a straight stitch, which sews everything together, or a zig-zag stitch to finish something off and keep it from fraying.   66 palabras más