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RSDS: One More Halloween Post!

At this point, anything that doesn’t touch on the upcoming U-S Presidential Election is a welcome addition!…

Yeah, just giving out candy is good! As always, a giant thank you to artist… 73 palabras más


Logan Trailer

The long awaited final film for Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine is finally almost upon us. Rumors have been rampant with the basis of the movie being about the comic book Old Man Logan. 155 palabras más


What You Need To Know About Logan And Why It Could Be The Send Off Wolverine Deserves

This past week saw the unveiling of the trailer for Logan, next years entry in the Wolverine series of films. Before I get into it, here it is if you haven’t seen it yet. 873 palabras más


Champions #1

The Marvel Universe is in chaos. Long time friends and allies are making enemies of each other. The world’s second super hero Civil War is underway and, thanks to the public nature of their war, the good name of all heroes has been tarnished. 915 palabras más

Comic Books

Logan - News

October has been a busy month for X-Men fans. Starting with Hugh Jackman tweeting out a picture of the new Wolverine movie’s poster ‘Logan’ making fans go crazy. 356 palabras más

Hugh Jackman

not that wolverine...

The Wolverine, Gulo gulo, lives in the most severe climate in the far reaches of the northern hemisphere. The largest member of the weasel family, looking more like a bear than a weasel, she lives a mostly solitary life. 259 palabras más