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7 Things To Do on Sundays for a Better Week

Sundays can make or break the productivity of your week. Take the time on Sunday to make the rest of your week smoother and more efficient. 724 palabras más


Double Take

Yesterday was a strange day… I woke up after a restless sleep in a questionable hotel…I thought maybe it was because I was tired. When I say questionable, I am referring to someone else’s hair in the shower as well as evidence of where they wiped the steam off the mirror. 1.237 palabras más


The recruitment process

Anyone who has recently been looking for work will quickly discover how difficult it is. Conversely, organisations looking for the right candidate are struggling to recruit the right person. 707 palabras más

Human Resource Management

Anti-Digital Reading

My job doesn’t allow phones into the building. I could sneak it in obviously but I need this income. Which means I have had a great slowdown on reading my netgalley and my books from the library. 39 palabras más

Thoughts about Cryptocurrency/ Blockchain

To be honest, initially due to my first negative encounter with Crypto, I was never a fan until I researched about/ on it more during my job search and I couldnt comprehend more that the Crypto/ Blockchain adoption really depends on the current generation and the upcoming millenials. 363 palabras más