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Ananya was born in a traditional Brahmin family where, girls couldn’t sit next to their elders and faces were still covered with Ghungat(Veil)..However, Ananya was the black sheep of the family..She chose a career which no-one approved of. 442 palabras más


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What I'm thinking...

I’m thinking that technology is the only way towards a safe career. I’m thinking my degree in Literature and my post graduate Certificate in Editing and Publishing was a fantastic waste of more money than I care to recall. 357 palabras más

Wordpress Lessons

Penjelasan CMS

Apa itu CMS ?

CMS a.k.a Content management System mengandung arti yang sangat luas. CMS mengandung kata Content (isi) dan Management yang artinya pengelolaan terhadap isi, seperti menambah, merubah dan menghapus serta management lainnya seperti pengaturan siapa yang boleh melakukan ini itu dan siapa yang tidak (hak users). 370 palabras más



Nature, although referred to the phenomenon of physical world but to me is the whole world. Calling the word nature reminds us of something that is pure and health giving. 187 palabras más



Blogging is a most wonderful way to write, stay creative, and express oneself.

It is a wonderful way to connect with people around the globe and read what they have to say. 500 palabras más

Wordpress most popular plugin

Plugin allow you to extend core of wordpress. Most popular used plugin are-

Show Custom form on website

Contact Form 7 :

For SEO… 60 palabras más


Wordpress and it's features.

WordPress is not limited to blogging but you can build everything from simple websites, to blogs, to complex portals and enterprise websites, and even applications, are built with WordPress. 46 palabras más