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Louvre Abu Dhabi Finally Unveiled

Abu Dhabi may be a desert island, but it’s certainly not a cultural desert with the long-anticipated inauguration of Jean Nouvel’s masterpiece for Louvre Abu Dhabi… 650 palabras más



I have started embarking on solo travels to some destinations of which Mauritius is first on my list. It  was my intention to spend short stays at each destination, maybe derive some inspirations from each stay and incorporate it into my writings as I discover myself in unfamiliar environments. 1.005 palabras más


WordPress - #Daily Prompt - Dancing

Casually dressed in swirls of beauty

The lady knew how to soothe me

Dancing life into my busy days

Grooving with me under cosmic rays… 77 palabras más

Photographs & Memories

Content Management Systems

This week in our Digital Writing and Production class, our teacher has us looking at CMS and CSS. At first, I was fairly confused as to what these two things meant. 210 palabras más


¿Y qué sentido tiene todo esto?

Cuando te levantas por la mañana, te lavas los dientes, te bañas y desayunas. Sigues la misma rutina de todos los días. Escuchas el sermón del maestro mientras desearías estar dormido, o los mismos chismes del compañero de trabajo que no soportas, lo peor es que  pones cara de interés para no herir sus sentimientos. 342 palabras más

Etched in silver,
Legacy forever seen,
Courage on display.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting


WordPress Theme Cheat Sheet for Beginners

There are many codes to memorize just to modify a WordPress theme, so it helps to have a mini cheat sheet if you are looking to make minor changes or even developing your own theme. 519 palabras más

Theme Cheat