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I’ve some confusion over this 2 WordPress blogs on one Worpress account thing.  I had 2 blogs on here that I used for 3 years. One for exercise and one for my photo projects.   286 palabras más


Punch Magazine

Slight change of plans, again. Awkward. The contemporary art post was just not coming out the way I wanted so instead, I’m writing about something that I ran across in my dissertation quest. 445 palabras más


Pulling My Hair Out

Am I alone, or does anyone else find the WordPress app for iOS really annoying? For some reason when ever I use it to write a post (which is seldom now), and I schedule it for a future date, it posts it immediately. 14 palabras más


Toni Servillo (la grande bellezza) FRANCESCO FIUMARELLA

Per i nuovi visitatori, ripropongo uno dei monologhi più belli del film che ci ha fatto vincere l’oscar!

Scena tratta dal Film “LA GRANDE BELLEZZA” con protagonista di scena TONI SERVILLO- Interpretazione dell’ attore Francesco Fiumarella con il sottofondo della voce originale.

Buona visione!

Interpretazioni Fiumarella Film Famosi

Art and Cybernetics

This weeks post was originally going to be about what the definition of Contemporary is and how difficult it is to pin down said definition, but that turned out to take me quite a bit longer than expected. 1.076 palabras más


How to do Basic Pointillism

Today I’m going to talk about pointillism! A little dash of history, pinch of prominent artists, a splash of “how it’s done”, and one artist I found right here on WordPress who does it! 1.011 palabras más