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Mini Musings- Which Path Should I Take?

Hello to all of my lovely online friends!

After coming off an extremely busy Halloween weekend with the boy and the hubby, I find that I have neglected my blog severely.   331 palabras más


What Are You Afraid Of Mr. & Ms. Blogger?

When I read a blog post, I want the opportunity to comment or say if I like it. More and more I come across blogs that have the option to comment or to like missing. 214 palabras más



Hello guuuys,

I’ve never been nominated for such things like this.. So it’s very surprising haha!
I had a blog before this one, but if you don’t know about that, you probably wouldn’t know much about me. 623 palabras más


Fragment XX

Finding it easier to jump back in and start up like I hit the play button after having it on pause for a long time. I think back about those times thinking that everything wasn’t going to be alright could never be alright. 47 palabras más

Where Did The Party Go?

I am a creature of habit in the truest sense of the phrase. Change is only acceptable on few things in life. Growing up and growing apart is particularly painful and sometimes just plain odd for me. 272 palabras más