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Where Did The Party Go?

I am a creature of habit in the truest sense of the phrase. Change is only acceptable on few things in life. Growing up and growing apart is particularly painful and sometimes just plain odd for me. 272 palabras más


One Hundred Questions

Stolen from blahpolar

1. How are you, really?
2. How do you feel right now? What are you thinking about?
I feel alright, content. I’m thinking about being a nicer person. 2.010 palabras más


The Beginning...

This is the start of the beginning but when everything has already been.



I really enjoy listening to music because it helps me relax and takes my mind away from other cares of the day. Personally, I really like… 84 palabras más


Start a New Life !

Ananya was born in a traditional Brahmin family where, girls couldn’t sit next to their elders and faces were still covered with Ghungat(Veil)..However, Ananya was the black sheep of the family..She chose a career which no-one approved of. 442 palabras más


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What I'm thinking...

I’m thinking that technology is the only way towards a safe career. I’m thinking my degree in Literature and my post graduate Certificate in Editing and Publishing was a fantastic waste of more money than I care to recall. 357 palabras más

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