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“I don’t want any trouble.”

He had a lean, hangdog look about him. His overgrown beard hide his face, but his eyes, unexpectedly clear, held an unquenchable fire. 75 palabras más

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Pinball Queen

The prompt:  Did You Hear That?

As you likely know, the term onomatopoeia refers to words that imitate sounds associated with actions and objects. Incorporate as many onomatopoetic words into a story or scene as you can. 401 palabras más

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Writing Prompt: A Roll of the Dice

The Prompt

In the spirit of taking chances, roll two six-sided dice. Whatever number comes up, write down the first word you can think of with that many letters. 755 palabras más

Writing Prompt

Feast Day

The dowager queen was feeling her age. The colder nights settled as a weary ache in her old bones. With every step, a shiver of pain wracked her body. 160 palabras más

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