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Puritan U By Kristin Garth

Puritan U

Your major, poli sci, Puritan U,
where Dad, all done, exiles you : “find the one,”
ambitious, just like him, recognizes you,
his secret sin, a spiritual son. 128 palabras más


Description by Christine Duncan

I went to a fast food place today that just opened but I don’t believe they will stay open long. For one thing, the name of the restaurant was about smoothies. 209 palabras más


Portrait of Film as Nuclear Weapon By Rishika Aggarwal

Portrait of Film as Nuclear Weapon

In which the first stroke is cataloguing ways to reimagine
death threats. Catching extravagance gleaming
in the precision of salivating mobs. 131 palabras más


The Grind - Journal 2/25/18

Whoa there, almost put a 17 at the end of that date instead of 18. That’s how my day’s gone. Every so often there comes one of those where nothing seems right and it seems like you’ve been asleep all day. 1.242 palabras más


Settle it with Writing

Writing settles so many questions, but the writer is unsettled initially, has to inspire the self to look for a courageous narrative to emphasize with strong emotions. 190 palabras más


Fluvial. Trivial.

So, a brand “New Year” is here to be
– Though (so little) has come to pass
I carry no fear, letting them label me… 72 palabras más


Frontline By Elijah Noble El


A little distance. A little sad song.

A little distance, between here and there.

A little slow dance. Here there is love and understanding. 325 palabras más