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on living alone

I have never lived alone. I have always shared my living spaces with others. In fact, I have most commonly lived with three roommates. While these living situations have graced me with unusually affordable rent, I have experienced numerous personality clashes, conflicts over space, arguments over property ownership, the roommate who leaves the lights on, the roommate who plays music too loud, the roommate who ruined my pans, the roommate whose angry outbursts frightened Cocoa, the roommate whose parents come over too often, the roommate who allows their significant other to practically live there for free, the roommate whose significant other broke in, the roommate who hosts too many parties in the apartment, etc. 288 palabras más

Rivoting Writing Prompts #1: An RPG Pawn Star

Ever have the itch to write a story but not sure what about?

Yeah, I get that all the time.

Welcome, friends. Today, I thought I would start something new for The Aniwriter. 732 palabras más

Jack Scheibelein

FINALISTA PREMIO PLANETA 2014 Mi color favorito es verte es una aventura real. Acerquémonos de puntillas y miremos por el ojo de la cerradura: ahí dentro hay una mujer desnuda. 130 palabras más

Post Idea

The Grace of a Dog’s Love

One morning, I was just about to rush out the door for work. As usual, I was running late. I kissed my husband good bye, and as I walked past my bird, Finn, on his perch, he called to me with his bright, sassy chirp. 358 palabras más

Header Photograph

Here’s a question for everyone. . . Out of these three photos, which is your favorite? And which one do you think should be the header photo for our blog? 116 palabras más


Hard Reign

Poetry minus Poet scorns
Bodacious gaudy twats
Ghosts wear blue trousers
Beware loose chippings overhead
Manna from heaven
Hailstones batter silly hat
Brass rubbing grass cutting… 25 palabras más