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Chapter Six; Being Forgotten

It’s been a while since I was here, I had other things to do. While I remembered I had a blog or course, I’d just neglected the writing. 2.303 palabras más

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Am In Love

Episode 13..
“But Lina is not just any lady” I snapped back
at him……
“whether she is or not,all I want you to do is to… 1.006 palabras más

Recollections Of A Century Ago

A distant relation who is immersed – indeed, obsessed – in the family history emailed my wife the other day. He shared what he had discovered (totaling nearly seven pdf pages) about family and especially the military service of one ancestor. 1.150 palabras más


Am In Love

Episode 12
But now,Should I say that it was my fault for
not telling her my mind on time or the fault of
my friends for betraying me… 788 palabras más

My eyes are burning from the tears,

The tears I’ve cried over the years,

In a relationship of one sided stubbornness,

I dread the days we now have nevertheless, 93 palabras más


Worship Crom

Before I started this blog I wrote about various bike bits and bobs for various other things. One of the pieces I wrote was about steel, in particular how it worked for race BMX and I feel this may have helped influence my choice in buying a… 1.816 palabras más


What’s the Secret to Attracting & Getting More People to Subscribe to Your Blog? (2 min read)

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This value exchange is one of the most popular list-building techniques on the Internet. All the entrepreneurial pros are using it for one reason: it works. 523 palabras más

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