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The Doctor

The Doctor

100 Word Wednesday – Week 28

Holmes was immortal, and distraught as he felt like an inanimate antique hoarded by an impulsive collector. He was in a delirious mood and was not making sense in his drug induce daze, mumbling about eternal regeneration and the beginning with no end to an infinitive universe. 220 palabras más


Building Work...

‘Having the builders in’ can be a stressful time – what else is there to do but write poetry?

Here’s a little something I wrote to while away the time… 157 palabras más

Unfinished business

Why losing my job is one of the best things that’s happened…

Four weeks ago. Four weeks ago, I walked through my front door, freshly revived from a sunny holiday in Devon, to a letter on my door mat. 325 palabras más



Waves ebb down

And caress against

The sandy beach

Sea foam kiss

My naked toes

-Kel Dayheart


Good night, my lover

I will call you by morning.

Because I love you.

P.S. Awww.. imagine that... I wrote that. Hah! Oh Mona, how low you've sunk. LoL. 

Last Entry Before Summer Holidays

Currently I have free time during the day to either write or blog but with summer holidays just round the corner I can kiss that free time goodbye. 54 palabras más