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They Were [Re]Born To Be [Ever] Free; A Tale of Music, Heartache and Lunacy

Yesterday was a very slow day at work, especially because my coworkers are being slugs … i mean it, we are suppose to end this project we had been working on for ages and instead of doing it, they are playing games on their smartphones… they played for eight hours… 1.198 palabras más


Japanese rock star Yoshiki performs while debuting edgy kimono collection at Tokyo Fashion Week

One of the most talked about collections at Tokyo Fashion Week was the YOSHIKIMONO First Collection, a range of rock star kimonos created by a Japanese rock star so famous he goes merely by his first name, … 614 palabras más


X Japan To Release "Born To Be Free" Single, New Album

X Japan has announced the release of a single titled Born To Be Free.

The single will be one track from their upcoming album, the first in 20 years, that is planned for release in March of next year. 90 palabras más


male eyes

male eyes
License: You can use male eyes for personal use.
For commercial use pls Make sure reading the license of this photo file… 30 palabras más

Visit to Tateyama

Hello! I had a pretty interesting day today that I’ll write about.

Today I visited the city of Tateyama. Tateyama is a coastal city close to where I am in Minamiboso. 1.055 palabras más

X Japan’s Yoshiki hints at a possible collaboration with BABYMETAL

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that BABYMETAL sprang up out of nowhere from the rock/metal ground and has grown into a flourishing band with… 362 palabras más