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Deals with Gold April 26th - May 2nd

This weeks Deals with Gold are as follows:

April 26th-May 2nd

Xbox One Deals With Gold

King’s Quest Chapter 1 – FREE
King’s Quest Season Pass 2-5 – $22.49 (25% off) 151 palabras más

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Less than 5,000 gold to PURCHASE my house

I started playing Skyrim yesterday morning from the beginning and when I woke up today I immediately turned on my (tiny and crappy) TV to play again. 230 palabras más


Truth or Lies Review

Oh, how I wish I was wrong when I say this game is an abysmal pile of turnips. As you can tell from the people on the logo who have probably been kidnapped and are being forced into advertising yet another pile of garbage that THQ coughed up in arguably its final year of video game publishing, it’s not a very good game. 529 palabras más

Xbox 360

Dude's Chronicles 4-28-2016: I Blame Tina Fey

With another week gone by, I have found myself distracted by something.


It’s always a mix of things…

  • The Ranch – I went to this expecting nothing but found something I enjoyed greatly.
  • 1.155 palabras más

XBox Games with Gold: May Games May Surprise You

XBox Games with Gold or Games that are old?

Following up with XBox Games with Gold April, Xbox has revealed the four new titles that gamers will be getting for free in May. 309 palabras más


Xbox 360 Discontinued

The 11 year old beast which brought millions of people worldwide into the 7th generation of video games, is no longer being manufactured.

The Xbox 360 has been in production since 2005 and now, eleven years later, Microsoft have finally decided to pack it in with the console and Xbox Head, Phil Spencer is now looking to the future, 71 palabras más

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