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Capcom Confirms Resident Evil 0 Is In Development

Earlier today at an event in Japan, Capcom confirmed Resident Evil 0 which is a remastered version of the popular prequel to the original title in the… 75 palabras más

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Destiny: House Of Wolves almost-review – spartan furnishings

Prison of Elders and The second DLC expansion for Destiny is out and the first weekend of Trials of Osiris has taken place but is the House Of Wolves worth it? 1.255 palabras más


Xbox 360 and PS3 are become a Sport console

I have sad news that Xbox 360, PS3 is become more of Sport Console. Maybe think that good news but once a console mainly focus on sport games then other games. 140 palabras más


Grand Theft Auto V Ending(s) Discussion (Spoilers)

I’ve already posted a spoiler-free blog about beating Grand Theft Auto V, but this one is going to be spoiler heavy. You’ve been warned.

I want to talk about the three different endings that are possible. 1.019 palabras más

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I Beat Grand Theft Auto V (No Spoilers)

Some of you who follow my blog might be ready to scold me for not completing L.A. Noire before GTA V, like I said I was going to try to do, but Grand Theft Auto V was too entertaining and awesome to postpone. 767 palabras más

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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (part two) - PC, PS3, xBox 360

I’ll make this short. After two months of play, two or three dozen quests and an equal number of times accidentally nuking my vampire by taking her out in broad daylight, three or four times when an enemy disarmed me and I had to restart because I couldn’t find my sword on the ground, the most epic final boss battle a game has ever permitted me to watch without actually participating in, and one final bug that prevented me from receiving the prize for finishing the main storyline, I have finally finished Oblivion. 818 palabras más


The Representation of Time in Batman: Arkham City

Time is an important part of human existence, albeit one that can easily go unnoticed or unremarked-upon. It follows, therefore, that video games, in trying to embody simulations of functioning worlds, would be equally ruled by this omnipresent force. 2.097 palabras más

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