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Quem nunca usou código e cupons para ter descontos e até itens gratuitos que atire a primeira pedra! 

Descobri recentemente um site que usa pesquisas e avaliações para os usuários e em troca eles recebem pontos que pode ser trocados por cartões de descontos e valores para alguns sites de compras e até jogos! 163 palabras más

The unique poem about the player causing the fever

Most gamers who are too focused on gaming neglect core values that are important in their lives. Accidentally let go of love, real opportunities for self destiny. 987 palabras más

Why, Despite 250+ Steam Games, I'm Returning to Consoles

As I sit typing, I’m waiting to re-download Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. I’ve got another 11 minutes to go. You’ll notice that I’m RE-downloading KotOR from Steam. 1.119 palabras más

Star Wars

The Week In Games: Back To The Pitch


Another year. Another Pro Evolution Soccer. Another FIFA. The leaves are falling and soccer balls are in the air.

Where most sports games have their sub-genre locked up (when’s the last time Madden had to compete with anything but its younger self?) soccer is one of the few where there’s still competition. 433 palabras más


Monster Hunter World Trailer

Gamers around the world were left with anticipation for the New Monster Hunter World. In the recent Tokyo Game Show, Capcom release a new presentation at the show to highlight some key features of the upcoming game. 314 palabras más

Monster Hunter World

How to Save the Xbox Exclusive Situation - Part 2

The first part of this series talked about what Xbox already has in their arsenal that they can utilize. These franchises would go a long way in restoring the Xbox exclusive situation, but there’s more work to be done. 1.452 palabras más

Xbox One

So it Begins...

Hey everyone, welcome to the BAD Wolf Entertainment blog! I am Jacob Wolf, and I’m joined by Brian Davis aka Mr. BAD. We aim to cover a wide variety of entertainment including sports, video games, music, movies, and more. 94 palabras más