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Halo or COD - The Verdict Is In

We at 00Lounge constantly debate whether Halo or COD is the superior FPS. We now have an answer in the form of the Halo Vs COD video from… 18 palabras más


DirectX 12 – Everything You Need To Know

DirectX 12 is coming, the sands of time have demanded it. With with this breeze of new technology however, comes the need to secure our technological crops and ensure a good harvest come launch. 573 palabras más


Resident Evil 0 HD Coming In 2016

Today, Capcom announced that they will making a high definition remaster of Resident Evil Zero, which will be releasing on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One early part of next year. 157 palabras más


ALIEN: Isolation and Mind Numbing Video Game Fun

Hi. Really? Oh no! I am sorry to hear that. Well, I guess it’s ok but I wouldnt inform the authorities of your love for that anytime soon. 358 palabras más

Security Needed in Games

Gaming can be a fun experience whether you’re a mobile or console gamer. When the Play Station 2 came out, there were some opportunities to buy some games online through the online store however, there weren’t that many chances to buy extra content in game through the system interface. 117 palabras más

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About Us!

About us

The Irish Gaming Union was founded upon an idea. An idea to bring the gaming community in Ireland together. As gamers, we are often found wondering if there are any events or conventions taking place that we can attend to. 67 palabras más


First impression of Lifeless Planet

A few days ago I (Geeky Gal NinjaBrite) saw a relatively new game on sale on Xbox One that instantly got my attention. The picture of the game showed an Astronaut standing on a desert planet in an abandoned town. 599 palabras más