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Firefight Fridays Call of Duty AW practice time

That’s right we are returning to the futuristic battlefields of tomorrow world. I truly enjoy running around in an Exo suit. Now incase you haven’t heard each Friday we play a shooter. 95 palabras más


Throwback Thursday - Thief

We are not throwing it back as far as last time. This time around we are looking back at the franchise reboot for Thief on the PC, XBone and PS4. 407 palabras más


We’re getting the band back together

It’s been about five years since we’ve last seen a rock band and after a long wait and a clamouring for reunions Harmonix has finally said it’s time to get the band back together. 320 palabras más


Microsoft's Phil Spencer on HoloLens and Uniting Xbox and the PC (Q&A)

After years of focusing its gaming efforts on the living room with Xbox, Microsoft is returning its gaze to the PC, where the rise of digitally delivered games on services like Valve’s… 1.167 palabras más


Maniacal March Madness!

March is full of a lot of entertaining traditions – St. Patrick’s Day lets everyone drink themselves under the table under the false premise of drunken lineage, Spring begins and offers its warmth to the Northern Hemisphere, and March Madness kicks off in the US, having people pitted against the huge 64-man bracket of college basketball teams and the numerous outcomes it can offer. 1.374 palabras más

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Xbox at GDC: The Return of Windows Gaming

This week the Games Developer Conference, GDC, was being held in San Francisco and  Microsoft was there to lay major changes to Xbox.

Phil Spencer took the stage to provide the big picture view of changes coming to Xbox and Windows 10. 235 palabras más

Windows 10

Timed Exclusives: Good for Games, Good for Gamers

Within the past several months, gaming news has written about the possibility of the next Titanfall going multiplatform.  And over the last few days, hints from EA suggest it is settled.  992 palabras más

Video Games