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5 Games I like to play

It’s time for another Five Fandom Friday I have been slacking but am using today to catch up on some that i have skipped or missed due to my busy schedule the last few months. 360 palabras más


Minecraft's Getting Loads of New Features

Spoiler: Combat mechanics and The End are both getting some major updates. via IGN Entertainment Articles


Microsoft 'Completely Discounted Nintendo Because Of GameCube' When Launching Xbox 360

IGN has uploaded an extremely interesting podcast which quizzes Xbox creator Seamus Blackley, Head of Xbox during the 360 launch Peter Moore, and current Head of Xbox Phil Spencer, to share the backstory to the launch of three Xbox consoles. 328 palabras más


Xbox One

I recently purchased an xbox one. And played a game which I had some brilliant things about, it was called Evolve. I tell you what, I was completely let down! 95 palabras más