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Resident Evil 7

Maybe I’ve choosen a hard one for my first blog but hey it’s worth a try!

First thing I just want to mention, I have only just finished this game. 335 palabras más


Halo Wars 2: The Review


The nice thing about Halo Wars 2 is that it works.

Which is nicer than it sounds, because the biggest fear about real-time strategy games on a console, and the thing that generally keeps those games off the platforms in the first place, is that a control pad does not rank highly on the preferred methods of controlling an army quickly and accurately. 1.680 palabras más


FREE: A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV (PS4 & XBOX ONE)

You’ll probably remember not too long ago (pre Final Fantasy XV release at E3 2016) that alongside the release of the main FFXV game, Square Enix also announced they’d be releasing a retro-styled, side scrolling rpg, prelude title to the main game, called A  229 palabras más


R3view Launch

The R3view team are happy to announce the official launch of R3view Gaming.

Our aim: A simple site that produces easy reviews on games across all platforms… 51 palabras más


Who Is 'Number 24' In Overwatch?

The 24th character in Overwatch has been the subject of much discussion recently but no solid evidence on who it could be just yet.

The rumors that… 130 palabras más


For Honor Review - Better Than It Has Any Right To Be

When I first saw trailers for Ubisoft’s latest, For Honor, I thought this is a game I will definitely be buying. Hack and slash with a bit of polish and a multiplayer mode threw in for good measure. 861 palabras más


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Review

Resident Evil 7 (PS4,PC,Xbox One)
Release Date: January 24, 2017
Platform – PS4

Resident Evil 7 is a good game and this game alone has made Resident Evil relevant again in my opinion. 361 palabras más