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Saudi military officer murders United States colleagues

This 6 December 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Federal agents are investigating the motive behind a shooting at a US naval base in Florida.

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Peace And War

Sudan's new PM wants to withdraw troops from Yemen

Press TV – December 6, 2019

Sudan’s new Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok has vowed to withdraw troops from the Saudi-led war in Yemen, saying his country’s role should be limited to assisting in a political resolution of the conflict.

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US Reportedly Finds ‘Significant Cache’ of Iranian Missile Parts Being Smuggled to Houthis by Boat


Anonymous US officials reported the seizure of a “significant cache” of missile parts by a US destroyer in the Gulf of Oman last week, with the weapons reportedly being linked to Iran and suspected of being smuggled to the Houthis in Yemen. 753 palabras más


Bloomberg: Gulf States Are Backpedaling on Iran


By Staff, Bloomberg

An expanded soccer tournament, a direct flight, clandestine meetings and a pledge to release prisoners of war; diplomacy is breaking out as Gulf Arab nations back away from a Donald Trump-inspired confrontation with Iran. 665 palabras más


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Yes, I used a title that applies to the next two stories, more apt, I am reflecting on a few matters, after a week of intense sickness (I survived for the weirdest of reasons) it is time to reflect on a few matters. 1.055 palabras más


اليمن: ضغطٌ سعوديٌ لإنشاء منطقة عازلة


رشيد الحداد

الإثنين 2 كانون الأول 2019

فيما يبدو أن محاولاتها انتزاع موافقة «أنصار الله» على إنشاء منطقة عازلة بين السعودية واليمن تبوء بالفشل، تعود الرياض مجدداً إلى التصعيد في الحدّ الجنوبي، وتحديداً في جبهات عسير وجيزان، في مسعىً منها لإحراز تقدّم على الأرض، يخوّلها انتزاع مكاسب في المشاورات الدائرة مع قيادة صنعاء 894 palabras más

House Of Saud