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Tea Review: Empower Mint by Teakoe

Yerba Mate is not something I drink a lot of, however, as I’m a person always open to trying something new, I gave this blend… 231 palabras más

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Assignment 42: Uruguay

Location: South America
Population: 3.4 million
Capital: Montevideo
Geography: A country of plains, rivers, and fertile coastland
Language: Spanish
Signature flavours: Beef, dairy, yerba mate, egg, pasta, dulce de leche, quince… 650 palabras más



One confusing aspect of learning about tea is the fact that items referred to as “tea” really aren’t tea at all!  Experts refer to herbal teas by their proper term “tisanes” (pronounced “tih-ZAHN” or “tih ZANE”), a French word meaning “an herbal infusion”.  549 palabras más


Yachak Yerba Mate drink review

The search for healthy energy drinks may have reached an apex. I can’t imagine anything surpassing these Yachak Yerba Mate drinks.

It’s not pronounced mate, it sounds like MAH-TAYE. 405 palabras más

How Is Yerba Mate Good For You?

How Is Yerba Mate Good For You? The major health benefits of Yerba Mate include helping in the reduction of body weight, reducing belly fat, 9 palabras más