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We hate everything (except life). We hate that comment on Youtube, or that reply on Facebook. We also hate how our parents treat us, or brothers, or sisters. 97 palabras más


The Last Jedi

Are big changes in store for the Star Wars universe? The latest episode of Rebels gives us a long-missing piece to the puzzle of the Chosen One, and might give a clue as to the future of the Force. 876 palabras más

Screen Time

13 Magnetic Gifs That Will Kill Your Crankiness

These captivating animated gifs will help you sift through the stuff that’s weighing you down.

What a week. Spring Breakers are coming back down to Earth and entering full-on panic mode. 350 palabras más


Much to learn you still have...This is just the beginning. A guide to Lifelong Learning.

The title to this chapter came from a scene in “Star Wars Episode II, Attack of the Clones.” Yoda was having one of the most intense battles of his life with his nemeses Count Dooku. 342 palabras más


What is the Dark Side really?

I think there’s always been a pretty serious disconnect in Star Wars between how the Jedi (and even Palpatine, actually) talk about the Dark Side and what we actually see of people who succumb to it. 1.206 palabras más

Star Wars