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Back to Tradition at Keltsmaht

Keltsmaht is the traditional territory and village site of Lennie’s parents. Many Ahousaht locals with family ties there return each year to camp. It is an amazing beach with views of Opitsaht, Tofino and the open ocean. 442 palabras más


TSM93 : Speech and Language, Shared Agreements - Part 2

Last monologue I presented you with some nonsensical rubbish – a mishmash of things I’d previously edited out of older TSMs. Having no idea where I was going, I decided to pursue the theme of speech and language as shared agreements. 249 palabras más

Use your force, Angelyn~

I am doing a new kind of data analysis today. It involves measurement from a microscopic image, taking light diffraction factor into account to identify the actual size of the targeted cell structures. 271 palabras más

You v. me v. everyone else

In law school, one of my first reading assignments in constitutional law was Federalist No. 10, in which James Madison tackled the problem of factions in a republic. 1.066 palabras más


Keep the Mystery

This is camp season and I’m celebrating my few days away from the mountains with unfettered internet access. This means catching up on some local news as well as reading some geek media. 506 palabras más



All over Star Wars fans are happy to get more books, movies and toys. Revealed at E3 this year was a glimps at what EAs future for Star Wars is. 360 palabras más

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