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Weekly Star Wars Show


Star Wars has released the video for the new show, Science and Star Wars.

Latest episode of the Star Wars Show:

Published on Sep 13, 2017… 70 palabras más

Star Wars

PhD Procrastination: What Would Yoda Do?

As Luke Skywalker found out during his doctoral studies with Yoda, changing habits is not a simple undertaking. With writing habits, there are numerous conditioned patterns of behavior that need to be altered, and if you’ve ever tried to change other long-standing habits, such as how you eat or exercise, you know it’s not a trivial challenge. 368 palabras más

Common Writing Block Problems

Wild Space, Part V: With a Little Help From My Friends

The Clone Wars, Book 2: Wild Space by Karen Miller, Chapters 9 and 10

Let’s all be honest: recapping this book is maybe going to cause my untimely demise. 4.683 palabras más

Obi-Wan Loves Anakin


From Hollywood, we drive straight back to the Valley while Jade looks up available dispensaries in our neighborhood. Now that I’ve got the license, I have to go to the store. 768 palabras más


Morning Meditation - Two Paths

It’s my favorite movie quote of all time: “Fear leads to anger.  Anger leads to hate.  Hate leads to suffering.”  Yoda had it absolutely right!  The source of Sin’s power is fear.  234 palabras más


Hera Black Series

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Weekly Star Wars


Force Friday was just yesterday! So much new The last Jedi toys has been been launched! fun fact, yesterday was also my little brother’s birthday party! 122 palabras más

Star Wars