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Zombies, Bat-romance, and Yoda Quotes - Geekout 16

With weekends only having 1 page, I’m at page 16, which means I’ll be about 52 days short of 365 for the year. By my calculations, I’m about 1/20th of the way through the calendar. 1.117 palabras más


Logically Hilarious!

For years I’ve tried to put a finger on a solid definition of comedy, of what makes people laugh. I’ve heard explanations like, “Comedy is when you set up an expectation, and then break it.” I can see that. 741 palabras más

The Actor's Toolkit

January Lull

To help me with the extreme darkness of January I’ve changed my phone look screen. I found it on tumblr and I have no idea who created or who owns it, but I love it!

Holiday Comic Catch-up: Doctor Aphra #2 + Star Wars #26 + Poe Dameron #10

Hello party people, and welcome to the Weekly Scoundrel! This will be your new go-to spot for my Star Wars comic reviews. If you’re coming over from TGR/The Channel Star Wars Hour blog or… 1.894 palabras más


Part 354 - Ambrose Smith, Room Trasher

Ambrose’s dreams were filled with splotches of color and scents he knew. Black licorice and lime. Sandalwood and incense. Semi-sweet chocolate and vanilla beans. Dry wood and raspberry jam. 751 palabras más

Ahsoka Tano, Child Soldier

“I’m the new Padawan learner. I’m Ahsoka Tano.”

While I absolutely love Ahsoka Tano and find her an enthralling Star Wars character, I am also torn by the reality that Tano, a child, was a combatant in the Clone Wars. 400 palabras más

“This is a new day, a new beginning.” – Ahsoka Tano

In a galaxy far far away (1977) according to my mother I was 4.5 years old and Star Wars was my very first blockbuster movie premiere. 229 palabras más

Star Wars