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Why Yoda, Mace Windu and Obi-Wan are useless prequel characters

With the recent release of the latest Star Wars film still fresh in his mind, Tom goes back to the prequels to question the sense of three of the most familiar characters. 759 palabras más


Let the Good Times Roll (Briefly)

It has been a good week for the grotesque abnormality that is The Wattmeister’s vanity. For months on end, it has been starved of tasty sweetmeats as the inevitable passing of seconds, minutes, hours and days chip away at the mind, body, and yes, even the irrepressible self-confidence of late middle age. 274 palabras más

Disney Record Breakers

You know you’re doing well as a company when you start to break records. You start to realise you’re doing extremely well when the records you’re breaking are ones you currently hold yourself. 219 palabras más

Happy Birthday Frank OZ

The man, the myth, the legend – Frank Oz – celebrates his 72nd birthday today.

Oz was Jim Henson’s right-hand man from the beginning, helping to create some of the most memorable characters (as demonstrated above), as well as Star Wars’ Yoda. 76 palabras más

Star Wars Mini Doughnuts – Part II: Leia, Yoda & Chewbacca

The other day I was watching my favorite movie of all time, “When Harry Met Sally” but something was off about it. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was that was bothering me until I realized it was Billy Crystal’s voice. 859 palabras más