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Sail Amsterdam is a quinquennial sailing of 600+ boats and tall ships heading for Amsterdam.

You Tube

The latest Viral Dance Craze has divided the Internet

I’m of course referring to The Nae Nae:

This one totally went over my head when I first heard about it in February. In fact, I had to ask my Facebook contacts about it the other day. 340 palabras más

Brendan Aurabolt

Infomercial Turned PSA-In Defense of Dust Bunnies

Need an excuse NOT to clean your house? Here you go!

I am delighted that Brooke, at Studio B, chose to feature my book on her YouTube channel. 12 palabras más

Dust Bunnies

My Reaction to the Fine Bros 10 Year Video

So, today I am pumped to discuss the great normal that we all know as “YouTube.”
Now, for me, youtube has always been a place to watch either famous music videos, DIY music videos by non-famous peeps, & then there are News channels, makeup tutorial channels, and then the basic straight off cable channels. 398 palabras más


ANTHONY BROWN & group therAPy AND CASEY J Help Keep Tyscot Records on the Map

Almost 40 years ago Tyscot Music & Entertainment hung out its shingle as one of the few black-owned gospel recording labels of the time and now it’s the oldest one standing. 346 palabras más

Radio One