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Protect yourself

I have been a student of spiritual and personal development for many years now and still get goosebumps when a concept “clicks” inside me, making me smile so hard as I just get it.  706 palabras más

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The mindset of power & success

Life is for some a thing which happens around them, to them sometimes.  For many of us life is hard,  a series of events to “get through” 719 palabras más

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Let's Wig Out...

“Outre Big Beautiful Hair 4A kinky” is her name but I’m going call her “Nina Jane” and by “her” I mean the wig. Yes ma’am that’s exactly what’s going on in these 3 separate videos of beautiful women who absolutely took fierceness to another level! 151 palabras más

Redefined Beauty

Organizing Yarn Samples Video

This is a great You Tube Video tip on organizing your yarn samples.

I have mine in a photo album at the moment, but looking for a more conventional way to organize my samples. 11 palabras más


Daniel Wellington Watch!

I have been wanting to buy the Daniel Wellington Classic watch like forever!! I first saw it on Instagram, where it was very popular. I saw it & just fell in love with its simple minimalist look. 138 palabras más

You Tube

Flashback: "Black Hole Sun" by Soundgarden

Modern music and I don’t get along all that well.

I’ve always felt pop/rock music peaked in the 80’s and the first half of the 90’s. 134 palabras más