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Thought you would like to have a copy…Here is our movie. Just click on the link to watch.

By G. P. Avants

I have the privilege of being part of a great film program called Teen Vision. 1.128 palabras más

How to use nano-marketing to grow your game or app

One of the constant challenges developers face is user acquisition, as costs seem to increase much faster than revenue per user. This issue is not limited to game developers as more companies see digital and performance marketing as their premium-marketing channel, the competition for eyeballs drives up costs. 743 palabras más

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Lack Lustre

As I’ve lost all get up and go for poetry and arts and crafts, I thought I would play around with Kerbal Space Program and my video editor. 22 palabras más


Publika prepoznala potencijal i kvalitet... (Sell Them Sin, Larska, YAO u CK13)

S obzirom na to da su sinoć u „Crnoj Kući“ svirali relativno nepoznati bendovi  (bar mi se tako činilo na prvi pogled) ista je bila iznenađujuće puna. 706 palabras más


Trunk Club May 2018

I just hate to try on clothes in stores. These at home clothing subscriptions are

Perfect for me. I would have loved to have keep the Vince Camuto floral dress. 14 palabras más

You Tube

Temporarily Temporary

The garden is on the move again!  Now the house is kind of under control and in the hands of a good builder, the time is right to focus on other things and in particular the garden.  487 palabras más

Sarah The Gardener