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Digital Enviroment- Outcomes

  • first scanned version
  • still needs editing
  • sound adding
  • if time allows colour

Constructing and developing characters

I hope that in one or two of the filmed pieces we can convey a serious subject in a similar style and mannerisms to my Nan. 210 palabras más


Herby Haircuts and System Changes

We haven’t had rain for 11 days and I couldn’t be happier!  The boffins are even alluding to there being no further rain for the next four days.  710 palabras más

Sarah The Gardener

Why planning?

It hit me in June of 2016.  I wasn’t paying my bills on time.  I couldn’t remember anything.  You see, my husband was my memory.  Anything I needed to remember, no matter how far in time it would be, I would ask Kenny to remind me and he would.   333 palabras más


  • having verified site using a landline
  • i began work on a watermark for each film
  • i choose the banner
  • converted to png file
  • and viewed…
  • 18 palabras más