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Flashback: "Eep Hour" by Jerry Garcia

I reminded myself of this 1972 song from one of Jerry Garcia’s albums watching the debate Wednesday night.

It was like watching a sporting event in a climatic moment with a sense of nervous energy in the air. 27 palabras más


Crochet Catch up. October.

I may as well start with more pictures of me! (I know why I keep having to do this, it’s because I keep making hats and scarves that have to be worn to show what they’re like). 934 palabras más


Does The Pressure To Be Best Kill Our Best Efforts?

Today, I’m doing something a little different. Today as  I walked my dog, Banjo, I decided to share my heart.  On video.

I’ll flesh this out more on paper tomorrow. 72 palabras más

Writing Life

The Key to Happiness...

Hi Crafter’s

Today I am sharing my video on how I have decorated my A5 Ranger journal using products from IndigoBlu

I have used their Acrylic Paints, Slap it on, Luscious Powders, and an couple of stencils. 34 palabras más

Crafting Journey

Writing Phases

photo credit: Martin_Heigan Super Blood Moon – Total Lunar Eclipse via photopin (license

Early in my Blogging journey, I did my first 31 day challenge on the… 728 palabras más

Writing Life

Hey Y’all

An actual step by step recipe is coming for this. So this page will be updated eventually. I just didn’t have time to write it step by step this week. 90 palabras más

Hillary Clinton to Host 'Debate Fiesta' on Wednesday Night, Because... ¡Ajúa!

Speaking of Hillary Clinton and her tacos con todo, the pantsuit-loving democratic presidential candidate (PLDPC) is planning to throw a Mexican/Hispanic-themed party to watch the last presidential debate Wednesday night. 90 palabras más

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