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Wevr Raises $25 Million to Launch the YouTube of Virtual Reality

Venice, Calif.-based startup Wevr is building what it hopes will become the YouTube of virtual reality. 47 palabras más

Virtual Reality

Flashback: "Boom Boom" by John Lee Hooker

Might be hearing this song a lot during a certain contest on Sunday night.

More to come…

You Tube

Review: Bully Fail TV's 'Robbery Fails INSTANT KARMA compilation and instant justice 2015 *part 17*'

I’ll tell you now, for your own good, if, by some chance, you ever come across this video, among the countless millions on You Tube, do not do as I foolishly did and ignore the warning presented at the beginning.

Music Muse: Sibelius

A little more Sibelius for your day –

Angelo Vullo. [Angelo_Vullo]. (2009, April 29). Jean Sibelius, Valse Triste (orch.Herbert von Karajan) . Retrieved from…
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Music Muse

These are a few of my favorite things: #44 (Who Can it be now? by Men At Work)

As a solitude loving introvert I get totally distressed whenever there is an unexpected ring on the door or on the telephone….I totally Hate someone springs such surprises on me…I like to have company only once in a while & that too with an adequate advance notice n all this when I happen to like the person calling on me…most of the times I’m just too engrossed with my own work (even if that happens to be just pottering around the phone/listening to music/watching some movie/just plain old thinking)…every knock on the door rudely jolts me away from the calm sanctuary of my inner world…I just don’t understand why other people are hell bent on ‘hanging out together’ or ‘meeting up over a cup of coffee’ all the times..why should I hang out with others n listen to their mindless rambling when I can hang in with myself & just think about the things that matter to me??…this terror of unknown visitors is very well captured in the song ‘Who Can It Be Now?’ by an Australian Band,  ‘Men at Work’ 206 palabras más