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The Eclipse And The Nostalgia File

For a couple of minutes at various times across a swath of the country here in the United States on Monday, time stood still. It didn’t matter whether or not you liked President Trump, what your world view is on racism or Russia, or whether or not you were a Republican or a Democrat. 382 palabras más


Innocence or Naivety

In the last decade WhatsApp and Facebook changed the method of human communication in an unprecedented way! Especially, WhatsApp has changed things so much, that people are just not giving a thought before communicating through this medium. 794 palabras más


When I Saw My 1st Eclipse

It was in 1964. Bob Keeshan(Captain Kangaroo At The Time) and a CBC Host(No, Not Peter Mansbridge), carried Coverage of a Solar Eclipse on Both CBS & CBC. 212 palabras más

Alternative Media

It’s all staged.

Winter is a long drawn out season with limited opportunity to do some real gardening.  However, I don’t like just sit there and do nothing during these months.  627 palabras más

Sarah The Gardener

Schwarzkopf's Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner for Tangled, Dry & Frizzy Hair!

Hi Guys,

So I must tell you right at the beginning, I absolutely love my hair. I have very long straight hair which is my pride & glory. 122 palabras más

You Tube

FURRY PORN an der Anthrocon | Der GRÖßTE FURRY-YOUTUBER | Random Furry Facts #8

Beim heutigen Random Furry Facts befasse ich mich mit folgenden Themen:

– Der größte Furry-Youtuber
– Porn an der Hotelfassade der Anthrocon
– Furry-Cringe-Seiten
– Konföderierter Fursuiter mit Trump-Schild an der Anthrocon… 290 palabras más