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Teachers are allowed to be in a crappy mood (as long as you don't show it).

I was the ultimate incredible sulk today, and students always put some extra effort into being annoying on days like this.

Every time a student put up his/her hand to ask a (non relevant) question, I heard the lyrics of “Sam’s town” from The Killers: 26 palabras más


do schools kill creativity?

i work in education…and he´s so true. there are no dinner parties…;).
watch this TED talk if you are interested in art and education and if you are not, watch it anyways, the guy is fun :)



I grew peanuts! How cool is that?

Early last spring I picked up some raw shelled peanuts from the baking section. I’d done it before so I was kind of excited.  I wasn’t going to bake with them, I was going to grow them.   392 palabras más

Sarah The Gardener