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78Man podcasts now on You Tube

The Podcasts are now being uploaded as videos to You Tube, with extra information about the records played. At the time of writing, the first three have been uploaded, and we aim to add them at the rate of one per week. 6 palabras más

Of food, doggie and human

I never leaned how to cook at home. My mom, being a tiny, European woman with a huge personality, thought teaching us kids to cook was making us wash either the potatoes or the pots. 285 palabras más


Video: Dos Amigos Que Por 10 Años Se Enviaron Videos Con Groserias! Atencion: Malas Palabras

Los dos hombres decidieron grabar videos cortos cuando visitaban lugares alrededor del mundo, y enviarse un cálido mensaje. El proceso fue repetido varias veces durante 10 largos años, y como resultado, tenemos este clip.


Fun Stocking Stuffers For The Women In Your Life...and a Special Announcement!

Hello My Friends!!

Can you believe we are in the holiday season already?

I used to hear my Grandma say this ALL the time.

Why is it, that as you get older, time flies by? 180 palabras más


Welcome to #Vlogmas

Or maybe not…

Let’s try that again tomorrow shall we?

Vlogging every day in December on the run up to Christmas*

*Except for the 1st due to being supremely disorganised.

Gardening Videos

I’ve been getting quite a bit of inspiration on areas of growing plants, cultivating in small areas and different ways to grow crops entirely recently. And that has all been thanks to me stumbling around aimlessly on the web and finding some rather nice gold nuggets in the form of video blogs.   573 palabras más