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Christmas music

Is there anything more Christmas like than Christmas music? And when it comes to Christmas music Salvation Army bands are well known to be on the street corner and mall. 45 palabras más

The Salvation Army

Imagine a World

YouTuber Godless Cranium did a collaborative video with the idea of “Imagine a world…” Where other YouTubers added their ideas of what a better world would look like without religions or superstitions.  162 palabras más


Someday? How about NOW.

“Don’t you worry, your time will come.” “Oh, it just hasn’t happened for you yet.” “It’ll happen when you least expect it, you’ll see.” There are many variations of this phrase that we all know too well. 479 palabras más

What is success?

Recently, I have had time to think about my life, the decisions I have made and the consequences that followed. Whilst doing so, it came to my attention that, I had lost almost all ambition to highly achieve in many things in order to reach success in other things. 444 palabras más

Next Month Is Both 2018 & Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship(You Tube Will Be Overcrowded)

At various Knights of Columbus Councils in the USA & Canada, the annual Knights of Columbus Free Throw Basketball Championship will take place. It is a time for Knights of Columbus Councils to work with local Catholic Parishes & Schools. 176 palabras más

Alternative Media

Premiere of Web Series - The Dangers Of Online Dating

Contributing writer, Nicole Alivojvodic recently checked out the premiere of the new web series The Dangers of Online Dating.  No matter where you live, East Side or West Side, this applies to us all and this show is funny! 241 palabras más



I have had an idea for quite awhile about a way to combine music and “virtual reality/interactive graphics” as a package deal.First off, I have to tell you how I came to this idea: 1.030 palabras más