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Joey Ryan's Surprise In-Ring Bachelor Party Ended With The World's Most Dangerous Lap Dance

Pro wrestler Joey Ryan has a busy schedule. On Wednesdays, he’s an undercover cop on a telenovela about a supernatural wrestling promotion. From Thursdays to Tuesdays he’s trying to either retain or get back the… 256 palabras más


Why I Don't Agree with the ESL Banning Team YP

Over the weekend, the Electronic Sports League, or ESL, the largest group that holds video game tournaments around the world, announced they were not going to flat out ban one particular team, Team YP, from competing in any of their official tournaments. 807 palabras más

Fiefo's Editorial

Goodbye, Team YP. Good Job, ESL.

People will do whatever they can to justify their wrongs. I see it all the time at my job. Kids constantly retaliate and if it wasn’t for the staff, the cycle would continue endlessly. 949 palabras más


Team YP Banned From Electronic Sports League

Since its inception, Team YP has gotten somewhat of a hesitant response from the corporate side of gaming; while the team was formed for the same reasons any competitive team was formed – specifically, a desire to compete in the video game sector. 371 palabras más


Curves: Not Just for Baseball Anymore


Monolithic industries create a model of what they think the public wants. When the public wants something ELSE, they campaign to change the public’s collective mind, rather than adapt to the new information. 156 palabras más

11 Steps to Improve Your Computer Security

Before I start this lesson, let me tell you that, I will be next to you along the way in this cyber security course and we’ll discover together the online security information which will improve your Internet safety knowledge. 1.731 palabras más