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Get ready for the hurricane season

Hurricane season is here

Rainy season is here! Just when we thought we couldn’t face another hot day, the rainy season brings some relief. Finally, the nights are cool and you are finally able to sleep with your windows open. 445 palabras más

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Where We Went: Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula

Temple of Kukulcan at Chichén-Itzá

I’m not sure why I skipped this one, as I was trying to do these in order, but here it is now! 1.101 palabras más

Plague Diary #22: The Shrunken Universe

The first time I traveled outside the United States, it was to Yucatán in 1975, when I was thirty years old. The last time I traveled outside the United States, it was the same—just as I reached the age of seventy-five. 292 palabras más


Covid-19 and Merida: Why Its Still a Great City

Merida is still a great city. It could be proving to be even better than we originally thought. Covid-19 has caused this city to shine.  We are learning a lot about Merida while living through the Covid-19 pandemic and quarantine here. 917 palabras más



Yucatán es conocido por sus cenotes. Son charcos profundos que ocurren en formaciones de roca caliza. Algunos tienen techos de roca con un pequeño agujero, otros están abiertos hacía el cielo. 405 palabras más



Mexican cuisine often contain the same ingredients found in the most typical dishes. Corn tortillas are ubiquitous in Mexico and can be found in almost any dish or meal. 292 palabras más