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Puerto Rico | El Yunque National Forest | La Mina Falls | Gran Meliá

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(Porkbelly)Hey it’s part 2 of our Puerto Rico trip! In the morning we lounged around the beach at the resort. 529 palabras más


My Magical Island

Little did I know I would miss a place I called home for over 16 years, yet did not fully appreciate while living there. I called this magical island home for most of my childhood life. 587 palabras más


Que si la lluvia, que si un Deli, que si el artefacto...anyway vamos pa ya!

Lluvia Deli Bar & Artefacto

Llevaba ya casi dos meses planificando lugares donde ir a comer en nuestro aniversario, pues dado que nos hospedaríamos en un hotel del área este, queríamos ir a restaurantes locales y distintos a los que normalmente visitamos, esto con el propósito de probar “nuevos platos”.  1.860 palabras más


New Hobby? Hiking at El Yunque Rainforest

When I was little, someone got lost in El Yunque Tropical Rainforest and was not found until about 3 days later. I’m basing this all on my memory, so forgive me if I mix up the details. 868 palabras más


Puerto Rico On My Mind

Five years ago, making my way to las Tinajas in Puerto Rico.

Trekking up the river to reach a corner of the forest where rocks become natural slides. 15 palabras más


My visit to El Yunque

This summer was a very active summer for me. I always spend my summers like most college students, recovering all the hours of sleep that were stolen from me during the semester or my bachelors degree as a whole. 505 palabras más