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New Song Coming Soon...

I’m hoping to post a new song within the next day or so. In the meantime, here are some of the tracks that inspired it… 80 palabras más


Never Talk Back

Y’all need to love this video! It’s from my Virtual Friend, Marc Schuster, aka Zapatero. He’d posted a series of blogs on the creation of this ( 42 palabras más

To Be Human

"Never Talk Back" Video

Here it is, the video I was working on a few weeks ago. Some parts remind me of A Hard Day’s Night. Others remind me of… 25 palabras más


El oficio de hacer albarcas, Bien de Interés Cultural

El Gobierno de Cantabria ha declarado Bien de Interés Cultural Etnográfico Inmaterial el oficio de elaboración de albarcas, en reconocimiento a una tradición artesana que perdura en las zonas rurales de la Comunidad Autónoma. 433 palabras más

Gobierno De Cantabria

The Shoot (Part Two)

Mike and Miranda are good people — smart, creative, and funny. They’re my go-to friends whenever I have an idea that involves music or robots or both — like the time I asked them to… 422 palabras más


The Shoot (Part One)

The phone rings at 2PM. The caller ID says it’s Miranda. Coincidentally, I’m watching a movie that her husband, Mike, loaned me earlier in the week. 347 palabras más