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Things I struggle with as an Extremely Extroverted person

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the Jung (Myers Briggs) personality testing. This is a great professional grade personality test that fairly accurately shares strengths and weaknesses of different personalities. 829 palabras más


Homemade Ketchup

Ketchup is a favorite classic and ever since I was a kid it has always been one of my preferred dipping sauces for nearly anything from fries to chicken. 189 palabras más


Innisfree Haul - Green Tea Series

Who don’t know INNISFREE? Raise up your hand!

Innisfree is a korean skincare and cosmetics brand. It created in 200o. It is Korea’s first natural cosmetics brand that delivers the beauty and health benefits to their customers by using natural ingredients. 608 palabras más


Cover capers

Stay sunny, stay smiling and, as always, live life to the full!

There are worse things to work on than a Caribbean inflight magazine. Each issue, you get to flick through pics of glorious beaches, commission stories about colourful carnivals and drool over tropical recipes.

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About me - Zing

Hey guys, my name is Zing, a Chinese Asian from Malaysia. Before I start to introduce myself, i would like to admit that my English is bad and you will find a lot of grammar mistakes, spelling wrong and blah blah blah, 158 palabras más