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cured lemons

My pickling and preserving ambitions have now exceeded the limitations of my fridge.

There are jars of dilly pickled carrots. Homemade limoncello. Seville marmalade, of various sorts and peel stripes (grapefruit, lime, blood orange – oh my!). 773 palabras más


Pop Goes The...: Get Ready to Have a Blast with Blast Box

What It Is: I like to think of today’s gift idea as a more explosive version of say…Jenga. The gist of this family-friendly game called Blast Box is you blow up one balloon for each player and add it to the base. 319 palabras más

Flash Post

Caribbean challenge

And, as always, stay smiling and live life to the full…

It’s been a horrific time in the Caribbean. Hurricanes Irma and Maria have battered the region, leaving thousands homeless.

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Butternut Squash Soup

Inspired by AllRecipes Butternut Squash Soup II, I think.

Stopped by Rosie’s and got a great deal on BNS.  Not BeaNS, ButterNut Squash!

This recipe is easy, nutritious and delicious.  97 palabras más


The Almost-Done's

Here, I am again. As promised, my every other day update as I wade through reconstruction at my parents’ house has arrived. Enjoy!

Carina Press is accepting submissions for in-progress works until September 4!  105 palabras más