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... the ObamaCraps think that You are Stupid [#GruberGate]...

.. they think that you are really , really stupid …

.. ..
.. to the cartoon ….

.. but , we are finally finding out the truth . 10 palabras más

Personal Opinion

The Daily Post:


I noticed my relationship and career were both missing healthy levels of zing! This wasn’t the kind of threesome that excited me! We’d ALL been together too long, and the thrill was gone! 589 palabras más

The Energy found in Musicals

When I first came across this, I had no idea what it meant. Zing is basically “energy, enthusiasm, and liveliness”. Zing reminds me of the world of musicals. 747 palabras más



A good zing!
Of wit
Brings out
The tart of the sweet
Side of it

A List Of Everything

magic + stars + zing

stars rise in the night
drawing energy from camp’s
blazing flames – higher.

magic zings through the
atmosphere, humming softly –
now, listen harder.

the air is clean; the… 10 palabras más