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Taking a shower?

So here I was today, sitting in the Doctor’s surgery waiting for my monthly dose of ‘happy’ pills….when the receptionist tells me that they’ve ‘lost’ my script! 853 palabras más


Language Camp and Semester #2

When I last left off, I had returned from Japan and was settling in for a 1.5 week 休息 (rest) at home in Zunyi. During that period of respite, I busied myself by doing…absolutely nothing. 855 palabras más


Good Morning to You.

Good Morning
Good morning to life
Good morning to hope
Good morning to healing
Good morning to new dreams
Good morning to new horizons
Good morning to new opportunities… 65 palabras más

My Daily Challenge

Know Zing-ing

“Hollywood movies. The world of make believe.”

“That’s right. By the way, my friends and I went to the new restaurant you’d recommended. The food was okay, but the place had no zing.” 342 palabras más


Express yourself: Why this wild club night is much more than a party

(FNA) -Londoners have a history of creating global trends. From teddy boys and mods, to punks and New Romantics, subcultural movements are in the city’s DNA. 433 palabras más


Methods & Habits

Smithereens go sideways,


In quiet moments –

Resplinter & Scatter

Ever finer still-

At some point yet-though-may,

Such looping

Still becomes tiresome.

Bullet lines unscrew and rezing, 9 palabras más

Contemporary Poetry

Guilty Pleasure

There’s this little lunch-type place near me called Goozy’s that has some of the most delicious food I’ve ever tried. They source everything locally and what they make is made fresh each morning. 101 palabras más